Sunday, 15 December 2013

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray

The Scottish bard was quite right.  My last two weeks have sent me a series of unexpected challenges which torpedoes my training plans.  My advice is expect the unexpected.

The trick is to try and stay positive, no point in letting your head drop.  It is still 2013 and there is plenty of time to get things right. 

After my last post I got a bout of man flu.  I recovered slightly at the end of the week and raced 10k in St Johns in the Up and Running Winter League.  It is a tough little course and the wind picked up which made it harder.  I managed to get a time of 52:50 which was far from the sub 51 that I was hoping for.

Still, I did manage to clock up a weekly total of 55kilometres.

Then I was sent to London with work and spend four days off the Island. So I missed three of my planned days training, including speed work at the track in Leeds. (more on that in a later post)

I knew I would make up for all of the as I had a 3 hour 30k planned today.  I arranged to meet Steve and Tom Partington, Marie Jackson, Adam and Alex, Dale, Alan and Michelle.  The plan was to do a group 20k which usually end up speeding up and becoming (ever so) slightly competitive in the final 5k. 

As I was doing 30k I got there an hour early to get a 10k in while they slept.  I felt my left hamstring going tight at about 3k but it didn't seem to get worse.

After the 10k I met the others and we set off as a group.  After 2k I was reminded of my hamstring again.  Then within 20 seconds it got sore quickly, a sharp stabbing pain.  I though I must have a small tear and I was forced to pull up and walk back to my car.

So, not good.  Man Flu, trip away and then a hamstring pull.  The formula for muscle strain is RICE,  (R)est, (I)ce, (C)ompression, (E)levation.  So I need to put my feed up and watch TV with a bag of peas and a compression sock for the day.  Worse things have happened.

Weekly total this week was a mere 24k.  Lowest volume for me since April.

The trick is to forget that and think positive about next week, I will be rested, recovered and itching to get out there.

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