Friday, 22 November 2013

Who? Why? What?

My name is Richard Wild.  I'm 43 and originally from Kirk Michael and now living in Bride.

I was a racewalker as a junior, here are some old newspaper clippings from 1986 when I was 15 years old.  The photo was at the NSC, the start of the Parish Walk, where it all began.

I had a go at the Parish Walk in 2008, the year it rained terribly.  I hadn't race walked for 20 odd years.  I was rather overweight, did very little training and walked very slowly indeed to Andreas which was just too close to home so I stopped in time for last orders.

I took up race walking again in 2011 and have slowly improved and lost the weight.  I feel I am now fairly competitive and enjoy racing in the UK over 10 and 20 kilometres.  I am lucky to work in Leeds and so I get to train at the UK National Racewalking Centre in Leeds on Tuesdays with some world class walkers.  This has helped me improve my speed and technique.

I have decided it is time to test my mettle and join the ranks of the Ultra Distance walkers that are bred on the Island.

My goal, therefore, is to try and race competitively in the 2015 Parish Walk.  I know I have a lot to learn and quite a journey ahead.  Part of the journey is learning about the Parish.  This is why I am going to go part of the way as fast as I can in 2014.

This blog is all about the first part of that journey, Parish 2014.

I will share that with you as it unfolds.