Sunday, 1 December 2013


It is December 1st.  Entries opened today.  I have officially entered the 2014 Parish Walk.

I will try and give a weekly training log to show you what I am up to.  Will give you the type of session, distance and average pace - all in Kilometres.  I strongly urge everyone to work in kilometres and not miles as the maths is SO much easier:

5:00/km is a 50 minute 10km
5:30/km is a 55 minute 10km
6:00/km is a 60 minute 10km
6:30/km is a 65 minute 10km

Not a brilliant weeks training, was tired from the Syd Quirk Half Marathon last weekend so it didn't quite go to plan.

  • Monday: 8km recovery with Michelle Turner 6:08/km
  • Tuesday: 7.1km Tempo Intervals on the track in Leeds with Tom Bosworth, Quentin Rew, Ellie Dooley, Jasmine Nichols and Alana Barber.
  • Wednesday: 13km around Leeds with Alana.  Felt tired still 6:15/km
  • Saturday: 10km - 3x3km with 5min recoveries - speed endurance session with Michelle 5:22/km
  • Sunday: 21.2km (half marathon) with Michelle, Alex Eaton, Adam Cowin & Dale Farquhar.  Good pace. 5:49/km
Weekly total 59.4km

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