Thursday, 12 June 2014

There is nothing more that I can do

Training for me is, effective, over.  With 10 days to go there is nothing I can do to get any fitter for the Parish Walk 2014.  There are lots of things I could do to get less fit though, like falling over and breaking or twisting something.

I find myself in a strange mindset, which is probably why I have not blogged for a while.  I know I have done all of the training necessary, but I am really anxious about going into the realm of the unknown.  I am worried about the pain.  I am worried about blisters.  I am worried about over heating.  I am worried about over eating.  I am worried about under eating.

I have stated to taper now.  In other words I am doing A LOT LESS.  And that makes me anxious.  I am so hungry all the time, I have been eating for three over the past months.  Today I have been craving sweet things all day and gave in more than once.  However I am not burning it off.  Am I going to start the walk like a beach ball and undo months of work?

So lots of anxieties everywhere.  My plan now is to just try and focus on my preparation.  My kit list and my plan.

Jock Waddington did a blog entry a couple of weeks ago that talked about a plan, which was mainly about bananas, but in amongst the fruit was a lot of wisdom.  I have read it many times and hope you have too.

He then went on the win the European Centurion 100 miles race!  He knows what he is talking about.

When I hit my transition period of mental focus, the War Memorial will, I hope, be at the front of my mind.

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  1. Good luck Rich, walk well. Remember to dig in when it gets tough, because it will but don't you dare stop as it WILL get easier! Most of all, enjoy it!