Sunday, 26 January 2014

Stormy Waters

A solid week's training this week.  I feel almost back to normal now.  Next week I aim to be back in full swing again.

I decided not to try and walk fast before I can walk, as it were, and limit my mileage in the week and then step it up for the weekend if it felt good.

I did a speed session up at the track at Carnegie in Leeds on Tuesday.  Leg got tight when I started to push on but it was a good session nevertheless.

Total distance for the week was 55kilometres which is a good platform to step up from now.

The week culminated with a brisk 20k today on a tough course in very stormy conditions.  I was joined by Alex, Adam, Michelle with Alan Callow on push bike doing a steadfast job as pack horse and compare.  

We went from the NSC, up Douglas head and along Marine Drive to Port Soderick and back along the Old Castletown Road.  A few laps of a waterlogged NSC at the end to make up the miles.  The youngsters really put the hammer down today and I have to admit I am absolutely shattered now.  My average pace was 5:52/km.

If you are able to walk with faster or more experienced walkers than you, then take the opportunity.  It is the best way to learn and push yourself hard.  Long walks in a pack help a lot.  It is worth dropping into "Manx Race Walking" on Facebook and asking if there are suitable groups going out for your ability.  That is my plan for the next few months anyway.

In my next entry I will talk about racing prior to the parish.  What races I am choosing, why and how I plan to race them.  That gives me a week to do some homework!!

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